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I am a retired fire captain from the City of Hackensack Fire Department after completing 25 years of service. I am also a retired paramedic from MONOC after completing 17 years with them. I have an understanding mental trauma our borthers and sisters experience day in and day out including all of friend in dispatch. I currently work at the International Association of Fire Fighters and conitually fight at the national level for EMS recognition and support. The IAFF has some comprehnsive mental health programs and services includinge the Center of Excellence for our members. I am honored to be a member of this group and offer any help that I may be able to provide. We are in this together and need to each other's support to make it thorugh our careers as healthy and safe as possible. If not for you, who will be the guardians to save others. Stay safe, stay healthy, and contiue to do what you do!

Rob McClintock

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