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We are a group of first responders who know first hand how difficult this career can be. We each bring our own unique stories, experience and struggles throughout our careers to this moment, when we can create this amazing service. Through our journeys to this moment we all have some sort of  lived experience with addiction, mental health and most of all recovery.  Our paths and survival from some of the darkest times in our lives have inspired us to do something that has been long overdue in our profession. We want to end the stigma that prevents so many of us from seeking the help we so desperately are in need of, and  once and for all put an end to the isolation that we create while suffering in  silence.  Phoenix 3097 is a non-profit organization created with the sole intent of providing these much needed services for all first responders in need. The process is confidential and free of charge. We do have the ability to refer out to licensed counselors which could possibly have fees associated. Those fees are determined by the licensed counselor who is providing that service.

Mountain Cliff Hiker
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